Windfield accepts all ferrous, non-ferrous, precious, and alloyed metals in any volume or any location. Material handled by Windfield can be baled, sheared, torched, or shredded as needed before being handled by our Logistics Department in cooperation with our Corporate Headquarters. Retail centers open to the public are managed with the same care and attentiveness as our corporate or government clientele.
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Open to the public retail areas allow individuals and companies to quickly dispose of scrap metals in exchange for cash.

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Managing downstream removal and processing of by products of daily business.

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Process by which large volumes of loose material is compacted into manageable, organized bales to optimize downstream logistics.

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Materials of abnormal size or durability are processed into scrap material ready for transport.



Not accepted materials.

Material that we buy

  • Metal Roofing & Siding
  • Appliances
  • Corrugated Metals
  • Radiators & Boilers
  • Structural Shapes
  • Frame Machinery
  • Metal Assemblies
  • Rotors
  • Machine Shop Turnings
  • Tractor Weights
  • Milling Machines
  • Mowers
  • Bicycles
  • Baling-grade Items
  • Stoves, Washer/Dryers
  • Fencing
  • Light Gauge Pipe & Conduit
  • Automotive Panels
  • Soil Pipe
  • Iron Plate
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Intakes
  • Unprepared Rebar
  • Prepared Iron
  • Industrial Drill Presses
  • Cast Transfer Tables
  • Lawn Equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • Snow mobiles
  • Water Heaters, Furnaces